Career academies, after more than four decades of development and three decades of evaluation, have been found by a conclusive random assignment study to be effective in improving outcomes for students during and after high school. Career academies have therefore become the most durable and best-tested component of a high school reform strategy to prepare students for both college and careers.

Stern, David, Charles Dayton, and Marilyn Raby. “Career Academies: A Proven Strategy to Prepare High School Students for College and Careers.” University of California, Berkeley: Career Academy Support Network, 2010. Print.


A college and career academy places an emphasis on post-secondary readiness by making a connection between academic learning and its real world application. The three components of a college and career academy are: (1) smaller learning communities, (2) partnerships with employers, community, and post-secondary, and (3) college prep, career-related curriculum.

Springfield High School’s smaller learning communities take the form of five broad academies: Art; Business; STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math); Humanities; and Liberal Arts. Each academy contains a catalog of elective courses that will allow students to gain knowledge and experience in different career fields. During their junior and senior year, students must complete 3 credits from an academy catalog in order to earn an academy distinction. Each academy also features optional pathways that group the elective courses around specific career paths; students can explore or adapt these pathways to meet their personal goals. Although initially students choose their academy at the end of their sophomore year, students have the option to change academies at the end of each semester.

Springfield High School has established a partnership with Delaware County Community College (DCCC) to offer students college and career opportunities as part of DCCC’s Early College in the High School program. Students will have access to several Early College in the High School courses. These courses are offered at the high school during the school day, and students in these courses will earn both Springfield High School credit and DCCC credits. In addition, students will have access to two DCCC technology programs – Automotive Technology and Electro-Mechanical Technology. Both programs allow students to earn an associate’s degree in only one year after graduation from Springfield High School. Students also have access to dual-enrollment course work through DCCC. These courses are offered at DCCC, and students in these courses earn DCCC credits while still maintaining enrollment at Springfield High School.

Springfield High School features a comprehensive college and career education and exploration curriculum through Naviance. Students complete 10-15 lessons per grade-level, introducing them to a broad range of topics and resources.

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Business & Finance



The Springfield High School Business Academy offers opportunities for students to pursue course work in business related fields. Featuring four (4) optional pathways, the Business Academy allows students to gain experience in accounting, management, economics, and general business.



Springfield HIGH SCHOOL STEM academy

The Springfield High School STEM Academy offers opportunities for students to pursue course work in science, technology, engineering, and math related fields. Featuring seven (7) optional pathways, the STEM Academy allows students to gain experience in computer science, engineering, biology & life/medical science, applied science, chemical & earth science, math, and culinary arts & food science.

Environmental Engineer

Structural Engineer

Aerospace Engineer

Electrical Engineer

Mechanical Engineer


Civil Engineering

Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Mechanical Engineering


City and Regional Planning


Food Preparation Worker

Dietitian and Nutritionist

Hospitality, Lodging, and Tourism

Restaurant Manager


Culinary Arts Chef

Food Preparation

Nutrition Sciences

Hospitality Management

Restaurant & Culinary Management

Baking & Pastry Arts


Physician's Assistant


Research Biologist


Marine Biologist


General Biology

Marine Biology



Physician Assistant

Software Applications Developer

Computer Systems Analyst

Computer Systems Engineer

Network Systems Administrator

Web Developer

Computer Programmer

Computer Science

Computer Engineering

Information Systems

Information Technology

Software Engineering




The Springfield High School Humanities Academy offers opportunities for students to pursue course work exploring the meaning and purpose of the human experience. Featuring six (6) optional pathways, the Humanities Academy allows students to gain experience in English, world language, law, history, psychology, and education.


Foreign Civil Service


International Consultant


Peace Corps Worker

French Language and Literature

German Language and Literature

Arabic Language and Literature


Chinese Language and Literature

Italian Language and Literature




Springfield High School arts academy

The Springfield High School Arts Academy offers opportunities for students to pursue course work in the fine and performing. Featuring six (6) optional pathways, the Arts Academy allows students to gain experience in 2-D art, 3-D art, photography, general art, broadcast/mass media/theater, and instrumental/vocal performance.

Props Designer

Art Therapy

Art Director

Art Teacher

Industrial Designer

Logo/Branding Designer

Technical Theatre/Theatre Design

Art Therapy

Commercial and Advertising Art

Art Education

Industrial Design


Film and Video Editor


Studio and Floor Manager

Camera Operator


Stage Manager

Film Production

Broadcast Journalism

TV Production

Technical Theatre


Solo Performer


Music Therapy


Electronic Production and Design

Music Teacher

Vocal Performance

Music Theory and Composition

Music Theraphy

Music Production & Engineering

Music Education

Liberal Arts


Springfield HIGH SCHOOL liberal arts academy

The Springfield High School Liberal Arts Academy allows students to sample coursework from multiple disciplines to help define their career preferences. Students in the Liberal Arts Academy take one (1) credit of coursework from three (3) different academies. 

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